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Project Management

Project Management
Managing a Project the Right Way

  Our Approach To Project Management:

Each one of our five phases of project management is equally critical. Because we realize each stage is crucial to successful project, Spiteri Builders assigns a specific Project Manager for every job to ensure proper execution.

Comprehensively understanding the definition of the project scope is imperative! This process enables our project managers to accurately forecast the requirements of a particular job, which ultimately results in appropriate planning.

To successfully execute the project, taking the necessary steps to plan accordingly . After your assigned project manager understands the scope of work, the planning begins. From the number of required craftsman to the number of hours it will take to achieve completion, the preparation of your project is essential. 

Once the planning is complete, the execution of the project begins. Our project managers will be there to ensure the implementation of the approved scope. This process will make certain that all necessary “tools” are in place.

After production begins, our project managers are on site to maintain control of the initial plan. Physically being on site allows our staff to accurately communicate progress. By following the plan in place, focus is sustained, tasks are streamlined and workflow is efficient.

While this step is probably the most exciting for all parties involved, the closure of the project must be handled with the same attention to detail as with the beginning of the project. Closure brings a punch list as well as other items that must be followed up on. Spiteri Builders will ensure a proper and satisfying closure process.

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