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Green Construction
Socially Responsible Green Construction

 How We do Our Part for the Community:

While the world continues to move forward with green initiatives, Spiteri Builders continues to move forward in our efforts of being an environmentally friendly builder. In addition to helping the environment as well as being a socially responsible company, green construction has proven to be, not only cost efficient, but most importantly beneficial to a healthy existence.

While a project is the design phase, Spiteri Builders will assist is maintaining a sustainable focus. By implementing efficient solutions such as Energy, Water and Sustainable Construction Materials, this allows us to address specific issues, ultimately creating an environment to satisfy any occupant.
By designing a building /structure to maximize natural light sources and utilize natural heating and cooling techniques, energy efficiency can be increased. Items such as solar panels and other renewable energy sources, installing high efficiency lighting systems, focusing on minimizing plug loads as well as the usage of light colors to minimize heat, all act in ways of improving energy efficiency.
Designing and specifying plumbing items that allow for recycled water, non-portable water and/or rain water usage, will reduce water waste. Simply installing low-flush/dual flush toilets, low flow water fixtures and micro-irrigation will save not only water, but money as well.
Sustainable Construction Materials:
In addition to using recycled/recyclable materials or materials that are packaged in recycled packaging, using natural, durable and renewable sources such as certified wood, are all ways of eliminating as much waste as possible. Choosing materials from local companies and resources will reduce energy consequent of transportation.
Please Consider Using renewable and recyclable resources on your next project.
Thank You from the Staff at SBI.